Commercial contractors need to work with business owners not only to design and build a functional space that reflects the needs of a company but create a space that is appealing and comfortable. Building aesthetics greatly affect a customer’s perception of the services and products of that business.  

Whether building or remodeling, you need to keep building aesthetics in mind during the project. As a commercial contractor, our team at FGC, Inc. has built many different types of commercial projects in different industries, so we understand the importance of building aesthetics attracting clients.  

A commercial location’s physical appearance matters, according to several surveys. These surveys showed that consumers formed an opinion on a business based on its physical presence, which can sway the consumer’s decision on where to shop or go to for services. In fact, 95% of consumers reported that the exterior appearance is important in selecting a place to shop or give business to, and more than two-thirds of consumers don’t go into places if they do not like the outward appearance.  

Tips for Improving Your Building Aesthetics

As a business owner and commercial contractor must work together to create a space, inside and out, that will attract customers and keep them coming back – you want to leave them with a positive feeling and impression. Our team at FGC can help building owners through the building or renovation process from lighting and roofing to painting and flooring.  

We wanted to share some tips on improving building aesthetics:  

  • Choose large, expansive windows.  
  • For an elegant feel, choose soft, white lights.  
  • Choose a front door color/material that contrasts with the rest of the building.  
  • Plant vegetation around the front door.  
  • Install/incorporate characteristics of your brand to the exterior of your building, not just the interior.  
  • Install railings and easy-access and useable walkways, ramps, and staircases.  
  • Make sure your company name/logo is large and legible.  

You should always evaluate the external presentation of your business. Take a look at your space is try to think what message it gives off to potential or current customers. Ask yourself if you think if your appearance is turning people away.  

Need a Commercial General Contractor in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl?

FGC Inc. is a Florida-licensed general contractor with extensive experience in commercial construction. We take pride in nurturing our relationships with our clients, we also have vast relationships with realtors, bankers, architects, engineers, vendors and other key people to ensure our clients’ projects thrive long after the construction process is complete.  Through these relationships, we can help create an aesthetically-appealing building, inside and out, for your potential clients.  

At FGC, Inc., we have extensive experience in commercial construction and have developed many relationships in our years of service.   

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