We’re in the last month of 2019, so what better time to look at the new year’s construction trends? We not only are entering a new year, we are entering a new decade, so it’s exciting to see where residential and commercial construction will be headed in the future. 

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Here are some construction industry trends expected in the new year:

  • More design build – Design-build is becoming the industry standard. 47 states use design-build for public projects as it has lower costs and shorter timelines. About half of the U.S. nonresidential spending came from design-build and this is predicted to grow. 
  • More technology helping workers – It’s believed new technology will continue to help the construction industry by supplementing workers and not replacing them. Technologies are being created to work alongside people and eliminate redundant tasks while increasing safety and workflow. The new technologies are also attracting younger generations into the construction industry, which is a good thing since there is a skilled labor shortage. 
  • More use of BIM, AI, and VR – The tech industry is becoming more involved in helping develop technology for the construction industry each year. These tech advancements are helping contractors with planning, design, safety, budgeting, and more. 
  • A change in labor force – There has been a skilled labor shortage since the 2008 recession. It is predicted that more initiatives than ever will be put out to increase the labor force by focusing on the younger generation to pursue a career in construction. 
  • More drone usage – Drones are becoming more affordable and accessible, which means more contractors can use them for aerial photography, mapping, thermal heat imaging, and volumetrics analysis. By using a drone, a contractor will know more about his construction site with far more accurate information. 
  • More off-site work – The amount of work contractors can do remotely is increasing each year. Modular construction and computer software have allowed a lot of work to be done faster, more accurately and off site. 

This is just a small glimpse of some trends we see for the construction industry in 2020, and we’re excited to see what new ideas and concepts emerge. It’s promising for the construction industry to find more workers as better technology and robotics are being used, which are attractive to a younger-aged group. These new trends are revolutionizing the way contractors work, which is helping projects go faster and safer while not compromising quality. 

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