Construction delays happen, unfortunately. Commercial construction is a fast-paced business and industry. Many projects have tighter schedules as the demand for commercial construction has increased in recent years. With shorter timelines, mishaps and delays can occur more frequently.

As a full-service, Florida-licensed general contractor with extensive experience in commercial construction, we wanted to share some common construction delays and what you can do to avoid them or at least be better prepared for them.

How to Stay on Track During a Commercial Construction Project

  • Allow enough time for the construction permitting process. The local permit process is what it is –no one gets special treatment. Plan for this process so the actual construction time isn’t pressed for time, especially if it takes longer to get the permit than expected.
  • Have a knowledge of the local codes/regulations in the city/county of the project.
  • Drawings/plans can cause delays. Many times, a client, architect, or engineer will not sign off on plans/drawings in a timely manner, which can lead to delay after delay after delay. Without the drawings, manufacturing, ordering, delivery, and installation plans and dates will be stalled. A general contractor needs to make sure drawings are being submitted on time and pushing the appropriate parties to give approvals or comments so the project can move forward into the construction and production phase. Just like the permit, time should be built into the schedule for the drawings/plans to be drawn up and created and for any changes that may occur so that delays won’t occur.
  • Hire quality workers who are skilled, good listeners, and who work hard to get a project done right and on time.
  • Have good communication with all parties (general contractor, client, subcontractors, vendors, etc.)
  • Purchase and use software to track worker and project productivity, as well as finances.
  • Have full financing in place before committing to a project.
  • Plan for extra worker support if needed and have a back-up crew.
  • Plan for long-lead items. Some materials have long-lead times, which are fixed. Some bigger items (elevators, specialty glass, HVAC units) require months in advance for ordering, especially if the order is custom built. You want to make sure extended lead times fit into your construction schedule. You want to make sure the products you’re ordering make sense with the time table of the project. If the lead times are too long, you may need to order different products or talk to the client about extended the length of the project.

Through careful, thoughtful, well-executed planning from the start, you can keep your commercial construction project on track without major delays.

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