A commercial contractor has a lot to think about to keep his/her business thriving. From deadlines to materials, there’s a lot to manage and keep track of; however, there is one thing that if a commercial contractor, or person in any industry ignores, his/her business will suffer: relationships. Relationships are key to the success of a business in all fields.

A contractor needs to build strong relationships with clients, vendors, subcontractors, and more to ensure projects go smoothly and that more projects can occur in the future. Relationships need to be built and worked on throughout every stage of the construction process from consultation to breaking ground to the finished product.

How to Grow and Build Good Relationships as a Contractor

As a commercial contractor, you want to build relationships to help grow your business and open new opportunities for you. With relationships, you can make connections that lead to business and projects you may have never landed otherwise. If you grow your network and maintain great relationships and connections with people, you can grow your business and take on jobs that wouldn’t have been possible before.

With good relationships, people will call on you again and again. If your track record and repertoire with them is a good one, they will go to you first to complete a successful project. How can you keep and maintain a good relationship? Thank clients, vendors, managers, subcontractors, and more for helping you or working with you – check in with these people even if you’re currently not working with them on a project. If you stay in touch and nurture the relationship, you will be on their mind when the time comes for the next project.

You can also potentially grow relationships from good to better to best. If you can serve a client in different ways, you can grow and deepen the relationship with them. At FGC Inc., we don’t only offer commercial construction management, we do residential construction management, development, assessments, residential remodeling, space planning, real estate investments, owners representative assignment, bank inspections, consulting, and more.

If you have a great, trusted relationship with someone, they will choose to work with you for other services or refer you clients for more business.

You aren’t just providing a service as a general commercial contractor, you are a partner that your clients, vendors, or subcontractors rely on throughout the process of a project. Sure, your team needs knowledge, skills, and experience but without communication and relationships, you will not have successful projects or even a successful business down the line.

As a full-service, Florida-licensed general contractor with extensive experience in commercial construction, we don’t just take pride in nurturing our relationships with our clients, we also have vast relationships with realtors, bankers, architects, engineers, vendors and other key people to ensure our clients’ projects thrives long after the construction process is complete.

Looking for a Commercial General Contractor in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl?

We pride ourselves on assisting in any way possible to ensure success or a project, and a major way to do that is through developing great relationships with all parties we work with. We are a faith-based company looking to do the right thing at the right time for the right reason – we strive to meet this goal daily through relationships with clients, vendors or even the trades that partner with us.
At FGC, Inc., we have extensive experience in commercial construction and have developed many relationships in our yeas of service.

FGC, Inc. builds residential commercial spaces in the Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida area. We have extensive experience in residential construction, multi-family and commercial construction management. To work with us, click our commercial general contractor in Ponte Vedra Beach contact page or call us at 904-685-6332